Pits Layout


This year we have introduced what we believe will be a slicker pits system to allow bike, tyre, rider, and transponder changes quicker and easier. Coming into the pits, riders will be allowed to use the ‘Day Pits’ or ride to their parked van / marquee to changeover faster and ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Changeover will be anything from fuelling, to transponder change to a new rider, to tyre or bike changes.

Vans and their respective marquees will be lined up in grid format to form riding alleyways and thus make it easier for riders to enter and leave the Pits.

Strict adherence to this will be undertaken with our marshals to ensure ‘fair play’ and health and safety are observed.

In order for your last lap time to be recorded, anyone who entered and parked in the Pits will need to cross the finishing line after the flag comes out to be classed as a finisher and have your time recorded. Flag comes out close to 7pm on Sunday (dependant on lead 24hr rider). "PIT EXIT WILL CLOSE AT 7:10PM"


NB: The layout is subject to slight change depending on race day factors.