Valleys Xtreme

You don't know what extreme is until you've been to the Valleys!

Saturday will be the qualifying day where the riders will be given a prologue type track based test. First lap will be your practice run, then you will have 2 timed attempts. Both times will be combined to make up your qualifying time. Top 5 riders will then go HEAD TO HEAD and the outcome will determine the riders starting position for Sunday’s main event.

On Sunday, riders will set off in rows of approx 15 which will then lead them in to the Welsh forest for a 2 lap/2hours in the AM race or 3 laps/3hours in the PM race.
Despite the lap being so long, spectators will not be cut short and the event will be planned to allow the fans to see plenty of action via the forest’s many interlinking roads or our mini bus which be running throughout the day.

All riders book into either the AM or PM race and will be graded by the amount of laps completed in each race

If you think your that good, find out more at: