Rider Instructions

Rider Instructions

Please find relevant information related to your race. If we haven't answered all your questions, then please contact us on 01639 874404 or email:


Provision of Race Stickers
Your registration fee includes the provision of bike stickers and a transponder. When you sign in at Registration (in the Main Marquee) we will supply you with three race stickers for you to apply to your bike and one transponder regardless of whether you are a solo rider or part of a team.

We allow Any Bike and Any Tyre

Stickers must be prominently displayed – firstly on the front number board, and secondly on the left hand side of the bike, if you only have one bike. If you have more than one bike, then place one sticker on each of the front number boards only.

Next you will need to have your bike checked (scrutineering). Once it has been passed by the marshals a colour coded sticker will be applied to your bike to indicate the race you are in and whether you are a solo or team rider.

Please Note: No bike will be allowed to race until Registration and Scrutineering have been completed. No stickers, no race. This is to ensure safety for you and fellow riders.


As part of your entrance to Dawn to Dusk Enduro we will give each and every rider a FREE t-shirt and commemorative slate coaster/medal (dependent on finishing your race).


Race Winners of the 24hr, 12hr, 6hr and 2hr Youth Race which includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a commemorative slate plaque to mark their race and class win. Over 50 trophies in total.

Overall Winners of the 24hr, 12hr and 6hr will each win a trophy cup.


2hr Youth Race presentation takes place on Saturday afternoon in the Main Marquee (see board for timings).

24hr, 12hr and 6hr Race presentations will take place on Sunday in the Main Marquee (see board for timings).