24 Hour Race

24 Hour Enduro

All the information you need regarding your race is detailed below:

Our second and ultimately the beast that can be 24 hours of pure enduro racing. If you've never tried it, then here's your opportunity. Solo or part of a team, nothing builds friends more in the pits than this race.

Open for any bike with any tyre ranging from 50cc up. More than one bike can be used providing all bikes have been scrutineered by our marshals. We allow tear-offs and roll-offs.

Remember to bring all clothing, helmets and boots with you. Should your bike breakdown, we have facilities on-site to tow your bike back to the pits. We also have a small trade village on site with essential parts, clothing and merchandise.

The event is manned by a large number of experienced marshals and first aid medical assistants will be present throughout the whole weekend.

Whilst you can ride for the duration of the race, it is a choice and not a requirement. So enjoy as much or as little riding as you like for the time that the race is on. Whether you do one lap or forty ..... enjoy.


Please Note: It is an essential requirement to have a RED flashing light on the rear of yourself, the rider. Failure to do so will result in you being unable to start the race.

Open to all riders over the age of 16yrs (16yr to 18yr olds will require parental permission).

5 Classes:

• Marathon Expert

• Marathon Clubman

• Marathon Veteran

• 2 Rider – Clubman

• 3 Rider – Sportsman

The race starts with a carefully planned 7 mile course (approx) for night time riding. Striking the balance between great riding and safety we progressed through the night until 6am, when the full course opens up a whole hour before the next race. The course comprises woodlands, fire roads, easy flowing sections, optional extreme sections and the MotoX track.

Easy to navigate with well-signposted arrows to show directions and taped off where need be. Lots of marshals are on hand to supervise and help if need be.

Early Bird Offers for Solo Riders

Register before 30th June 2021 - £150 per rider

Register before 22nd August 2021 - £170 per rider

Registration on the Saturday 28th August 2021 - £190 per rider

Early Bird Offers for 2 Rider Teams

Register before ebruary 2020 - £130 per rider

Register before 24th August 2020 - £150 per rider

Registration on the Saturday 29th August 2020 - £170 per rider

Early Bird Offers for 3 Rider Teams

Register before 29th February 2020 - £100 per rider

Register before 24th August 2020 - £120 per rider

Registration on the Saturday 29th August 2020 - £140 per rider

New for this year you will need an IOPD Licence.

Every paid entrant will receive a Free T-Shirt & complimentary coaster "for all finishers" Subject to availability.

Please Note: We only accept cash for Race Day registrations


Direction to Walters Arena

Unfortunately there is no Post Code for Walters Arena but the following post code will get you to the traffic lights in Glynneath, SA11 5TU.  From there follow the map below.  The site entrance is set back from the road and not easy to see.

The SA10 post codes used in the past will not get you to the site but will take you down a long no through road where you will meet a very irate farmer.

When leaving the site watch out for the mobile speed camera when coming down the hill into Glynneath.

Dawn to Dusk Enduro
Walters Arena
South Wales
United Kingdom